Don’t Be Boring!
Dry And Annoying “Corporate Speak” In B2B Email Marketing Often Leads To A Thinner Bottom Line
One of the greatest missed opportunities with B2B email marketing is not utilizing this amazing channel to build a real relationship with your readers.


By keeping your emails corporate and formal, you risk treating your subscribers like just another cog in the machine.


By not embracing storytelling, or turning ordinary, dull business talk into entertainment…

You risk looking just like most other businesses (and not standing out from the inbox pack).

Using a combination of unique storytelling, educational-focused emailing, and most importantly... entertainment methods… I’ve helped my B2B clients turn their email list from an unused asset, hidden deep on their hard drives, to one of their most profitable marketing channels.

Are You Struggling To Make Email Work For Your B2B Business?
Or You Don’t Know What To Talk About In Your Emails?
It’s more common than you’d think for B2B. Most businesses have a hard time making their email marketing work…


Primarily because their emails are boring!

If you’d like to see how I turn boring topics into exciting emails that blow average email statistics out of the water…

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By signing up to my email list, you’ll get the following tips;
  • By signing up to my email list, you’ll get the following tips;
  • How to use “psychic powers” to read your customers’ minds
  • Why just talking about benefits will turn your readers away in droves or cause them to ignore you
  • A simple system for generating 100+ email topic ideas in under two hours
  • ​How “The Skirt Rule” applies to email marketing as well
  • When to use automation and when to use email blasts
  • ​Ways to get more QUALITY subscribers and avoid the trap of building an email list filled with unengaged tire kickers
  • Why split testing might be a waste of time… but not always
  • ​How talking about ancient professions and other weird topics can blast your open and click rates past 50%
  • Reasons why a 30+ page email marketing strategy document is a waste of time
  • ​Why purging is a good thing
  • ​Email list building secrets from the masters
  • ​The power of presenting the right offer to the right reader… and how doing it wrong can kill your sales potential
  • Why engagement trump's list size
  • ​How to set monthly email goals that aren’t made up out of thin air
  • Why time spent on your subject lines is never wasted
  • ​How to combine entertainment with education to skyrocket your sales (or edutainment coined by email master Ben Settle)
  • Why simply promoting your download, webinar, service, etc… is not enough in today’s overcrowded email inbox
  • ​How savvy businesses make like bandits sending out daily emails without pissing off their list
  • Healthy control freak tendencies that boost your sales
  • ​And more...
Here's An Example Of My Clients' Success
The Image Below Showcases Their Result Before I Came On Board
And Their Results After I Started Writing Their Emails
What My Past And Current Clients Have To Say
"Bjorn was able to take on a handful of tough sales letter projects, in a highly sensitive political market. Not only was I impressed by his work, but I also managed to have the Dan Kennedy review one of the sales letters. Dan said it was well-written and that it should compete against an existing control. I highly recommend Bjorn for any copywriting project." 

- Heroes For Babies Non-Profit

"It has been great working with Bjorn on a multitude of copywriting projects. He is easy to work with and takes the time to really understand my target market. His writing is spot on and I seldom have to spend time on editing it. I highly recommend him." 

- David Linton, Founder of Everlast Epoxy Systems

"Bjorn was awesome! Really easy to work with and his writing was phenomenal. Will work with him again!

- Kyle Hill, Hilux Digital

"I had a great experience with Bjorn. He communicated very well and was able to deliver on all deadlines related to our project. He quickly learned about our target audience and industry." 

- Josh Sturgeon , SugarMaple Labs

"Bjorn did an excellent job....... He has a firm grasp on direct response marketing. He provided some unexpected yet extremely valuable insights into our business." 

- Gary Fumeaux,

"Bjorn has been amazing to work with. His expertise in workflow automation surpassed my expectations. He has created tremendous value with my email marketing campaigns." 

- Aparna Sach, Nursery Designs

"Definitely goes above and beyond to satisfy the client especially when he has a deadline to meet." 

- Sam S,

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