Hi! I'm a Copywriter For The Construction Industry.
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I've been helping businesses leverage the power of great copy for more than 5 years. 
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Hi! My name is Bjorn and I am a Copywriter that specializes in the construction industry.

As a former VP of Marketing, I’m familiar with the pressures of top-level marketing management positions. The constant demand to increase the number of leads, launch a new marketing campaign... and do all of this in record time and under budget...

And on top of all this, you need to gather the right talent to get the job done.

This is where I come in. 

As a former construction tradesman for 15 years, having run my own business, managed a team of workers, and heard every complaint in the book from homeowners, I have a deep understanding of the construction industry… something you can’t develop by simply reading a few articles.

I position your products and services in a way that most generalist copywriters cannot do without extensive rewriting and industry research. With me, you get a Copywriter that understands your industry and customers.

Want better results with your website, email campaign, sales pages, and ads? Smart, persuasive, story-driven copywriting is key. Here's how I can help:
Get brilliantly conceived and written websites, sales pages, emails and other marketing pieces that get spectacular results.
Copy Critique
Copy Critique services provide an objective review of an ad, sales letter, landing page, e-mail marketing campaign, or direct mail package.
From time to time, you may have felt the need for help in planning, creating, and implementing effective direct response and Internet marketing campaigns.
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What Clients Are Saying:
Bjorn is a pro. Very competent, very efficient, super helpful and went above and beyond what was asked of him. Hire him again for sure. 
- Josh Zabar, CA
Excellent to work with..very patient...
- Govind Kadaba, Green Meadow Dental
Bjorn did an excellent job.......
He has a firm grasp on direct response marketing. He provided some unexpected yet extremely valuable insights into our business.
- Gary Fumeaux, theenglishteachers.ch
As a results-focused copywriter, I'm all for helping businesses get better results on their websites, email campaigns, sales pages, ads and other key marketing pieces.
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